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  • This is the story of music

    you won't find on anybody's playlist


    Time for Live music

    echo-in notes

    echo-in revalues online music through Live performances.


    echo-in references access to Live more directly versus the content you would have hard time to find on all the different platforms.


    Working on a new format, echo-in opens a window to the best created Live.


    echo-in recommends music that you are going to explore in another dimension : a live collective experience in real time.


    echo-in brings you into the present moment with authenticity, diversity and encounter.


    echo-in invites you to participate to a real worldwide online festival.


    Hi, I'm almaz

    lead user and echo-designer, CEO of echo-in

    Before myspace and facebook, I was a singer making electronic music.

    Then I became a sound designer for innovate projects with big companies.


    Now, given all the streaming platforms, I want to do a significant music project.

    Because music really is more than just data, and Live makes the difference.


    In life, as on the Internet, I love serendipity and free will, along with open minds, open eyes, and open ears.





    almaz vaglio / almaz[at]echo-in.com



  • echo-in introduces the first online festival

    We keep a watch on the best streaming lives. Please let us know how you could help us.